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How To Submit Your High Scores Online

We try to install the latest and greatest high score save mods in our cabinets, but not all of our machines will keep your scores when switched off.   To make sure you get the fame you deserve for that wicked run you had on that crazy tough shooter or record your epic 4-Player triumph for taking down The Shredder with your friends, here is how!   Send us a picture of your awesome high scores and make them last forever!


  • Enter YOUR initials so we can see who you are!

  • Pick something unique so it will stand out as yours.

  • Is your score beaten already? Keep trying! Skill takes practice...


  • Be sure you can see the whole screen clearly!!!

  • We need to see your initials, score & level or stats.

  • Be sure our sticker is visible so we know it's ours!

  • ...and feel free to hop in the picture yourself! We love our fans!!!

  • Post your high score proudly on your social media channel, wall or page and tag us so we will see it!

  • Use the appropriate tag:

    @redantretro for Instagram

    @RedAntRetro for Facebook

    @redantretro for Twitter

  • You can also PM or email us your picture too!


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