An Ode to the 80s and 90s
Hi, I'm Jason!

Join me on a personal journey through the treasured arcade games that defined my childhood in the 1980s and 1990s. This curated catalog isn't just a trip down memory lane; it's a heartfelt tribute to the pixelated wonders that once held me spellbound, clutching a pocketful of quarters. From battling street thugs in the legendary Double Dragon to popping bubbles with the adorable dragons in Bubble Bobble, these games were my companions, my challenges, and my joy.

As we delve into these classics, I'll share my own stories and memories as that kid in the local bowling alley arcade, and together, we'll rediscover the magic that made these games a timeless part of my life and the lives of countless others. Welcome to the world of my arcade wonderland, where the past comes alive with every pixel!

The Collection
Fall 2023

There are over 70 games in total as of this update, which include approximately; 6 scrolling shooters, 10 platformers, 7 puzzle games, 9 beat 'em ups, 5 sports games, 2 light gun shooters, 7 platform-shooters, 4 maze/chase games, 2 platform RPGs, 7 fighting games, 7 top-down shooters, 2 wrestling games, and 2 racing games. These are all original and fully licenced game boards which can and will be used in a public entertainment venues and other entertainment projects over time.

This collection contains a variety of classic game titles, including several of my personal favourites and those that should have a stand-out level of replay appear to the modern audience dispite the passing of time. Lots of hidden gems and popular tried and true legends in this batch! It's my intention to continue to grow this medley of gaming wonders and with each addition, a new and important part of our gaming past can be restored, preserved and shared with both us old-timers and a new future audience together.

Preserving the Past
Much of what is in my collection is in fine working order and ready to be placed into a functioning cabinet and played. However, not every circuit board of part has made it out of decades past without some form of electrical breakdown or physical wear. Capacitors leak or burst, batteries die, the game board outlives it's intended purpose or just plain things happen. Fortunately for me, some folks saw it fit to sell them anyway and I was lucky (or stubborn) enough to want to fix it.

Often it's the case that it can be restored to working order. I do my research ahead of time usually so that I at least know what I'm getting into. Though from time to time the eBay listing will show that it's sold "as is" and I have to roll the dice and take that chance. This is typically calculated and I do have an electronics backgrund so there is only a few very specific things I can't fix or have someone more experienced fix.

My ultimate goal is to repair and restore as many games as I can and keep them in working order so that they may be enjoyed. For some games, that means they must be saved from someone's dusty basement or garage first.