About Us     or     Woah, Jason... What are you up to now?!
Red Ant Retro is a small business established in 2016 and is based in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. It had formally been operating as an online retail and repair shop for used retro home video games and hardware. The company is ran by the sole business owner, Jason McMillen with the help of his family and other part time staff and volunteers. A poor economy and a global pandemic took it's toll on the small company with big ideas. Dispite all the owner's innovation and enthusiasm, the choice was ultimately made in 2021 to end operations and shut down the store.

Fast forward to 2024 and the future is looking brighter with new opportunities. Red Ant Retro is being reestablished as an entertainment company focusing on offering unique gaming experiences brought from the past to you at established social venues to enjoy today. Believing that the arcade industry died far too early --the old arcade cabinets have some life in them yet!-- we're bringing these old game back from an early grave so that our gaming history is not forgotten.

How Do We Get A Hold Of You?
Got something to say, or a question to ask that isn't down below in our FAQ section? Well you can contact me by email at jason@redantretro.com. And if that isn't a hip enough way to reach out for you there is always dropping a message in one of our social media channels.

Caution: I don't always hop onto social media and read the comments regularly so if you need a quicker response then email is the way to go.

You could always ask the owner or manager of the establishment should it be about a machine at a location you have visited and want to contact me about it. I am always very involved with my busiess partnerships and will regularly monitor and maintain my operational machines from week to week.

Do you sell arcade boards or machines?

Sorry, we do not. Our interests are in collecting, restoring and preserving arcade games so that hey can be included in our collection and used to offer entertainment, education and preserve gaming history. There are however plenty of listed games and machines at online marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook groups and other online shops that offer arcade parts and hardware repair. Try those first!

Where can we find/play your machines?

We are currently only operating in the Cold Lake area. Visit the Arcade Experience page to see a list of all the locations which host our arcade cabinets. Future locations will be announced as we solidify partnerships. Watch the Blog page for announceents.

Do you have any _____ for sale?

Red Ant Retro has shut down the online store and with it our ability to process and track sales and inventory. Further we no longer provide those services as we have moved onto offering arcade entertainment services. We lament the loss of the online store as much as you do, but we have to look towards the horizon so we can do our best with what we offer now.